Hogwarts Apparition

I’ve lost track of how many times I have watched this trailer. Like many other Harry Potter fans, I’m excited for this next adventure we are going to witness in the Wizarding World.

There is a problem with the trailer that so many people are having, and its this scene right here:


Why is this so important? We first need to define what is canon and what is not. The 7 books are clearly canon, but the 8 Harry Potter books are not. Also, I think the Fantastic Beast movies are canon. After all J.K. Rowling wrote the screens play. (But they are using props from the HP movies that are not canon? Lets not discuss that right now.) With that being cleared up, lets talk about this.

Hermione makes it very clear that you cannotĀ Apparition onto school grounds according to Hogwarts: A History. Also, on Pottermore this article written by J.K. Rowling says

“some attempted to Apparate (often with disastrous effects, as the castle and grounds have always been protected with Anti-Apparition Charms).”

What does always mean here? Does it mean since the very beginning of Hogwarts, or does it mean since lets say 1932?

Lets also remember that the Headmaster can give permission to people to Apparate. Dumbledore allowed it for Apparation lessons in the Great Hall, but this was still more secure because you had to be in the Great Hall in order to do this. Maybe the Headmaster allowed this at the time.

I don’t see J.K. Rowling messing up and throwing canon out the window. We also have to remember that trailers can be very deceiving. Maybe we are only seeing what they want us to see, but it’s completely different from what we think is happening. The Star Wars trailers for the last movie did this all the time.

Until Rowling herself says something about this, we can only speculate. Even if she doesn’t say anything, I think once we watch the movie, that it will all make sense, and we will be reassured that canon was not broken here.

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