His Last Quiet Day

The scriptures do not say what Jesus did on this day. He may have spent the day with His disciples, and resting in preparation for Passover.

Lazarus and his sisters, Mary and Martha lived in Bethany, which was a couple of miles east of Jerusalem. They were close friends of Jesus, and they could have hosted him and his disciples.

Right before this trip to Jerusalem, Jesus had risen Lazarus from the grave, which revealed to his disciples, and to the world, that he had power over death. This miracle made many people in Bethany believe that Jesus really was the Son of God, and they put his faith in him. Mary had also lovingly anointed Jesus’s feet with expensive perfume a few nights earlier.

While we can only speculate on what he did, it is fascinating to consider how Jesus spent this final quiet day with his dearest friends and followers.

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