My Testimony of the LDS Church

I became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on March 17, 2013. Also known as the Mormon Church, it has a lot of misunderstandings and rumors. I use to be one of those people who believed the things I heard about the Church, and I thought that they were brainwashed to believe something that was so far from the truth of the Gospel.

When I first started having lessons with the LDS Missionaries, it was my purpose to be a missionary to “the Missionaries.” My Pastor at the church I was attending at the time had talked with me about the LDS church, and a friend of mine who was studying religion also gave me books to read. I also continued read anti-Mormon literature books and material online. I sincerely thought that these people need help. However, after some time we stopped meeting.

The person that introduced me to the missionaries continued to talk with me from time to time about the LDS Church. I still really wasn’t interested. Then one day he and his wife invited to go to a Christmas party at their church. I agreed to go, and then they introduced me to a girl there who invited me to go to Institute, which is a type of scripture study group. I gave her my number, but later told her I wasn’t really interested, but I agreed to go. I went for the first time, and it was nice. I then went the next week, and the next. At this point my heart had softened and I was ready to hear the truth. I started to realize that maybe I was the one that was wrong, and that if this church really was the True church of Christ, then shouldn’t I be willing to sincerely find out for myself it was true. I still had lots of questions but I decided to pray sincerely to see if God could really tell if this church was true and if he wanted me to join it.

So, one night I went for a walk and stopped at a park. I was by myself and so I prayed. This prayer changed my life. I felt the Holy Ghost confirm to me that this was the True church of Christ and that I should join it. Just a few weeks later and I was baptized.

I have come to have all my questions answered, and have come to learn that there is so much misunderstandings and rumors about the church that just isn’t true. I know it truly is the Restored Church of Christ, and that it is he who leads it. I know Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God, and I know the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. If you ever want to learn more about the church then talk to the missionaries or talk to a member of the Church, and really get to know what we believe. Start with be foundation and pray about it, and I know you will get your answer, and with time all your questions will be answered. If you have questions about the church leave a comment and I will answer you.


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