Living for Hundreds of Years

I found myself thinking about life last night. What would we do if we could each live for hundreds if not thousands of years? Would we strive to obtain enormous amounts of wealth, rare artifacts, and power? Would we travel and explore to see all that we can see. Maybe even push further into God's [...]

I Surrender

I remember the time when I didn't really care at all As the world fell apart around me I felt so small I found myself falling so far But finding more than I could have asked for My heart started beating I touched the stars As the fire started growing I found my life With [...]

Precious Child

They are idols of hearts and households; They are angels of God in disguise; The sunlight still sleeps in their tresses, His glory still gleams in their eyes, These truants from home and from Heaven, They have made me more manly and mild; And I know now how Jesus could liken The Kingdom of God [...]

To My Old Friends

Bench at Jackson Hole, Wyoming

So, I couldn't sleep because my wife woke me and freaked me out, but that's a story for another time. So, I'm sitting here and I'm thinking about different random stuff, and just pondering some of deepest things of the universe. Then I find myself thinking of the past, and remembering the people who had [...]

We Can Overcome Anything

My siblings at Disney World

You’re sitting there, just a young boy, when the doorbell rings. Your father answers the door and you see two gentlemen. You can hear them arguing but you’re not sure what about. As you watch you see your father walk away from the door, go through the living room, and to a closet. You watch [...]