Mimic App Platform

The Mimic App Platform is the framework used by new simulations being developed at Stukent. It allowed Stukent to build 5 stimulations a quarter compared to 1 simulation ever 18 months. Components and elements were built that a non-technical employee could simply add to a new simulation and manage all the configurations without needing the help of a developer, unless they wanted new elements built. This platform allowed very rapid development of new simulations for Stukent.

As a Product Manager/Owner at Stukent, I was in charge of setting the vision for the Mimic App Platform and leading the development team to build the framework to achieve the goal of building simulations faster, and it was a success. The Product Development team proved this by building 4 working mini simulations in just two days. This really changed the CEO’s perspective on what Stukent could accomplished and forced him to set higher goals for the company when it comes to Simulation development than what he had previously thought possible.

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