Mimic Analytics

Role: Project Manager

Mimic Analytics is a Stukent simulation designed to teach students real-world analytics.

Mimic Analytics puts students in the driver’s seat of analyzing real-world data sets and solving real-world problems. This hands-on learning approach will get students prepared for their future job in the business world.

Mimic Analytics lets students practice analysis and decision-making using data from multiple sources, including first-party data, third-party data, customer cookies, and A/B testing results. Students will progress from small- to large-scale datasets as they progress in the simulation. Each round features new analytics tools for them to learn and practice using.

Mimic Analytics trains students to make evidence-based decisions. They manage a marketing budget and adjust their approach in each round based on the analysis of the data. Data-driven decision making is emphasized and students are required to justify their strategy, account for their results, and adjust their strategy accordingly.