Welcome! My name is Hunter Marshall, and I currently work as a Quality Assurance Specialist on a development team for a company called Stukent. On my free time, I also enjoy being a Web Developer. If you are looking for a professional web developer to build you a website, then you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking for a blog or a complex web application then I’m your guy. I have experience in simple WordPress sites to building complex web applications using various technologies including Laravel, Vue, and many others.

If your not looking for my skills as a web developer, but looking for encouragement and inspiration then hopefully I can provide that for you as well. Not only am I using this site for my professional life, but to to also share my life story with the world. My life is more than just web development, and I hope my story can inspire the world around me and make it a little bit better.

Some may find this odd to combine both professional and personal life in one place. From a professional standpoint, when I look into hiring people I look for 3 things. I look for intelligence, initiative or energy, and for integrity. Yes, integrity, because if a person doesn’t have integrity the first two just might kill you. So, if you are here looking to hire me for something, then take a look a look around. See my past work, and while you are at it get to know me. I want you to see my skills as well as know who I truly am.